Personalized Memory Care

Personalized Memory Care

Every case of dementia is different and you can't use a one size fits all philosophy. At Brookshire we take the time to learn our residents background and habits to better manage behaviors and keep the residents at peace. We strive to keep them involved and active with very dementia focused activities that keeps the brain active and to foster a sense of purpose.

Trained Team

Our team at Brookshire receives intensive training on dementia and how it affects the brain. We take them through step by step all possible scenarios and situations that might accrue and how to manage them. We also have Certified Dementia Practitioner's on staff to provide training and guidance to our team. All this inclusive care is supervised by our nursing staff who puts the final touch to our program.

Our Dementia Core Beliefs

Our Dementia Care at Brookshire is founded eight dementia core beliefs:

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Safely
  • Quality of Life
  • Engagement
  • Purpose
  • Team work
  • Education