A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home

Whether a long-term resident or a short-term rehab patient, all our clients feel good about calling Brookshire Residence “home.” We make every room and common area inviting for our residents and guests. The cheerful, warm staff and comfortable environment make our facility feel like home.


All our spacious rooms are inviting, cheerful, and comfortable. We encourage our residents to personalize their room with their own belongings, and we offer assistance in setting up the room in a way that makes them feel most at home. Every room is kept fresh and clean by our respectful housekeeping staff.


With our chef’s flexible menu, delicious meals, healthy choices and courteous service, meals are much more than nourishment: they are a time for socialization, for entertaining visitors, or just for the love of fine dining. With our ORDER ANYTIME MENU, select menu items are available throughout the day.


Brookshire Residence is a comfortable, well-appointed facility with many amenities, such as:

Manicured, safe outdoor areas

Well-equipped recreation room

Lounge/living room

Multiple dining rooms

Private suites


Private telephone

Flat screen TV

Resident computers

Beauty salon


Comfortable, safe and prompt transportation to offsite appointments is provided in our wheelchair accessible van.

ACTIVITIES The Culture Club

Activities The Covid-19 pandemic has made social gatherings and group activities very different during the course of last year. Our Activities Director Ida has had to think outside the box to create a program that engages our residents and keeps them active. There is social distance bingo, arts and crafts, window and facetime visits, and a variety of other activities available. Ida also has individual activities that can be enjoyed on the resident’s room as we navigate through this difficult time. Ida always keeps activities fresh and engaging for our residents.

VISITORS Currently visitation is allowed. We follow CDC and state guidelines on visitation please feel free to reach out to us for specific information on this topic.

There is no better medicine for our residents than the love and attention of family and friends. We go out of our way to make visitors feel welcome in spite of the restrictions we are under due to new regulations. Please contact Ida for more details about visitation.

Brookshire Resident and Rehabilitation Center