Personalized Therapy Services to Help You Heal Better

Personalized Therapy Services to Help You Heal Better

Brookshire Resident & Rehabilitation Center specializes in both adult and senior care. Our services include a comprehensive program, which is carried out by our hardworking staff. We underwent extensive training to help patients get back to their daily lives.


We ensure that our rehab clients receive a personalized rehabilitation program developed to suit their needs. Our therapists use high-end equipment to ensure the efficiency of every treatment. Once the resident has regained their health and strength, we will then provide them with comprehensive planning and resource assistance so they can properly take care of themselves outside our center.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Through our physical therapy, we aim to improve and restore the mobility, strength, flexibility, and coordination of our clients. Our occupational therapy seeks to restore self-care skills and improve the strength and function of the body, especially its upper extremity.

Aside from this, we can also help residents who are recovering from injuries. We provide negative pressure wound therapy, prosthetic training, and orthotic or splinting.

Speech Therapy

Our rehab center also specializes in speech therapy. We help improve cognitive and communication skills as well as alleviating swallowing disorders. Other services include:

Cognition Assessment and Interventions

Language Disorder Treatment

Dysphagia Management

Aphasia Management

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